Finding Great Telephones

Why VoIP Systems Are The Efficient And Cost Effective Choice When Upgrading Your Firm's Communication Capability

by Katherine Fernandez

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP systems, are growing in popularity for large and small businesses. If your company needs a new telephone or communications setup, it might be worth reaching out to a local firm that specializes in the installation of these systems. VoIP can make your communications upgrade efficient and more cost-effective in a variety of different ways. Here's why you should look into this technology today.

VoIP Runs Off Ethernet or a Wireless Router and Requires No New Electrical Work

First, let's talk about setup. One of the reasons VoIP is popular is because it doesn't require the installation of any new copper cabling or additional electrical work throughout your building to get new phones installed. A VoIP phone simply connects to the internet in the same way that your computers do. If an employee's desk already has access to the internet via an Ethernet cable, it will be quite simple to just run another cable to your new phone. Today, some of the more advanced VoIP phones can even connect to the internet wirelessly, meaning you can get a new phone online with no additional wires needed beyond the power cable. You'll avoid the expense of having the traditional phone company come out to install new copper wires or having to deal with additional electrical work.

Making Calls Using VoIP Will Likely Cost Your Company Much Less Than Traditional Business Lines

You will of course pay a VoIP service for the right to use their servers as you receive and make calls, but many businesses find that using VoIP company-wide is a great way to save money when compared with what a traditional phone company would charge you to continue adding more and more business lines.

It's Easy To Expand a VoIP System To Get New Employees Plugged In as Your Company Grows

Because VoIP systems and phones are so easy to plug in and get up and running, you can quickly and easily onboard a new employee and get them their own phone, no matter where they are sitting in the office. All they need is a phone that has access to either an Ethernet cable or your company's wireless network. Contrast this with traditional business phone lines where only certain desks may have a phone and you would need to contact a phone company to get more copper cabling installed if you are setting up a new set of desks elsewhere in the building.