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How Does Your Security System Keep Your Family Safe?

by Katherine Fernandez

One of the best ways of protecting your home from intruders is to install a security system. This system can simply be a way to scare off burglars by employing a high-pitched siren, it can alert you via a cell phone app, or it can be hard wired to an alarm company who can notify police of an intruder. The system may also use cameras located around the property, both inside and outside to capture an image of or deter any intruders. How does a security system keep your family safe? There are a few aspects to an alarm system that work together to provide you a safe home.

Window and Door Sensors

In order to know if someone is breaking into your home, security systems have sensors that are attached to your windows and doors. These sensors work by using an electric circuit pathway not unlike what you will find when turning on a light in your living room or turning on a flashlight. When the switch is thrown, the light comes on or goes out. The same is true if a door or window is opened or broken. The electric pathway gets broken and alerts the alarm company of a breach.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors alert you or the alarm company that someone has made it into the house and are walking around. There are several types of motion detectors such as a radar-based one – this type is used primarily in stores to open the sliding door for customers but is also effective in home security. It works by using microwave or ultrasonic sound waves to bounce around the room, and when that beam is disturbed, it will alert the alarm company. There are also photo-sensor alarms that use laser beams and also passive infrared which uses a person's body heat to detect motion.

Water and Chemical Sensors

Your security system can detect more than just intruders as well. If you install a more advanced system, the sensors can also detect if there has been a water intrusion due to leaking or flooding in your home, as well as if there is a chemical in the air such as carbon monoxide. These sensors are hard wired into your security system and will either alert you via your cell phone if you aren't home, sound an alarm in the home to wake you, or contact the security company or emergency services should the need arise.